Walk by the river

The other day, I was just outside,
taking a walk by the river.

I was just walking there and
I found a group of people just standing there,
Looking at the sky.

I went to this guy and asked
"What are you looking at ?"
I was just "well, we are waiting"
I said "what are you waiting for ?"
He said "we are waiting for the rain to fall"

So, there I was with these people,
Just looking at the sky and waiting for the rain to fall.

It was a beautiful day,
A bright blue sky.
And these people were here,
Just waiting for the rain to fall.

Evedently, they were mistaken,
There was no way, no way in a million years
That any rain could fall with seach a deep blue sky overhead.

However, a few minutes went by, and there it was
Little drops of honey from heaven.

This time, I went by the river,
I's just waiting here, waiting for the rain to fall.

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