The Guy Next Tomb

The guy next tomb

There is a new incomer in the neighborhood
Flurry in the graveyard, welcome as you should
The guy next tomb, the guy next tomb

She always cries a river, always cries a river !
We all know the matter, yes we know the matter !
The girl next tomb, the girl next tomb

High heels in the mud, hiding in a black veil
Her beauty appalls, but still you can tell
The girl next tomb, is such a bomb

He always bring flowers, pretty spring flowers
And when required water, water for the flowers
The guy next tomb, the guy next tomb

He can stay for hours, very long hours
Talking about the weather, or his gran-mother
The guy next tomb, is tall and blond

She has a proposal from the guy next door
And from the other neighbor of the upper floor
But she longs for the one six feet under!

Keeping her broken heart, little stone out of sight
The sweet widow shark only comes up at night
With the guy next tomb, the guy next tomb

Teeth might be a bit sharp, the face a bit pale
Let me take a bite out and go to hell!
I'd like to lay down, with the guy next tomb

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