Devil's in Love

Devil's in love

Walking alone in the dark corridors
God only knows what he is thinking of
No one knows, No one knows Devil 's in love

Walking eyes wide open starving for light
A young lady is locked up in the dark-
Est tower, all because Devil's in love

He looks depressed, not at his best
His not as cruel as usual
Not having fun, watching them burn
What the hell is going on ? Devil's in love, Devil's in love

He drinks less, and smells better
Cleans up his face in Styx river
Cares what he wears, and changed his ways
Can you hear? The rumor says: Devil 's in love, Devil's in love

He wants that thing that he can't get
His dearest threat, Devil's regret
He could lose all his kingdom, throne and crown
If was known his secret, Lose the respect

Preparing feast, candles and sweets For his beloved
Use the old trick of romantic dinner
He is some of the nice fellows When devil's in love

Certainly not so gentle
But he's smart when he is sober
He's a charming philosopher
And a fairly good dancer

I think she likes him, I think she likes him!
The devil's queen ! The devil's queen !

Women likes power !Women likes gold
Women likes fire! And Iron Swords

Women likes power !Women likes gold
Women likes fire! Diamonds and blood

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